When Will the Church Stand United Against Injustice?

Can you hear the ever-growing cry? It pierces desensitization, spitting at the monotony that tomorrow will repeat today. We are breaking open to that which is beyond us — to strength, power, and spirit beyond us. We need healing, saving, redeeming. We need an end.

Can you hear it?

Or do you live in the empire of indifference? The lips of so many honor Him, yet their hearts are far from Him — their worship is detestable.

Beware the yeast.

We aren’t called to live in mock peace. We aren’t called to turn away from the wounded. We aren’t called to enable systemic corruption.

We are called to cry out, to weaponize prayer, to mourn with those who mourn. We are called to stand with our brothers, our sisters.

Another brother murdered. His blood cries out from the earth. Do we echo?

How much more will we pollute this ground? How much longer will we claw for power? When will we realize that we are not inhabitants of the Promised Land, but exiles in Babylon?

Open scripture to the books of prophecy, allow the words to cleave soul and spirit. Open scripture to the lamentations, praying that your heart breaks for what breaks His. Open scripture to the condemnations of societal corruption and injustice, and do something.

Slow to anger. Slow, yes. It’s been centuries. Centuries. Do not deny our and their history, do not shove it into dusty archives. The murders of today are the offspring of generational curses for which we hold responsibility. We must shatter the cycle.

The first Christians persecuted on American soil were slaves. Their faith was outlawed; their flesh was ripped for praying, for worshipping, for crying out to El Shama — God Who Hears. But their Spirit grew and continues to grow.

Another enslaved people cried out, millennia ago. The great I AM answered them, and grew them — the Word reached good ground meek enough to accept it. He stood with them until they grew fat with power and forgot they were slaves. Persecuted, loathed prophets arose to proclaim justice, to cry out against power.

Divine became flesh — an anointed prophet — and judged those whose politics were more beloved than neighbors. Christ blessed the meek and mourning with the Advocate to stand against kingdoms of man and comfort the oppressed.

Listen to the marginalized, listen to those in whom the Spirit surges.

That same Advocate stands again on the side of the oppressed. He is for them; we should not dare to stand against them and Him. If you are offended, then you are prideful. If you are prideful, you will not receive the Word.

“Remember you were slaves,” Adonai said to His people. Today, we must remember that we live on ground wet by the blood of brothers and sisters. Today we must remember that many of us exploited and continue to exploit. Do not turn away.

No more. “His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in. I can’t do it!” We shouldn’t do it. We were called to be better than this, so let’s call on each other to be better than this.

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