Back and Better Than Ever (Really)

It’s been a minute! Lost my computer charger and publishing from my phone proved to be a frustrating experience. I’ve also been writing a little less in general, mostly because I’ve just been so happy. One of my English teachers once said it’s harder to put words to paper when we aren’t dependent upon writing for coping, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t write. There’s enough writing out there bred of heartbreak, fury, frustration, etc.. So, in the spirit of Adamantium Joy, here’s an update on my easy, easy life (ok, there are a couple problems, but I’ll talk about that in another post). 

  1. These lungs are pretty perfect!

I just had my three-month check-up, which included a CT scan, bronchoscopy, and lung function test.


-lung function.

-weight (very slowly).


-medication dosages.

-side effects.


-signs of lung rejection.

-infection (one bacteria, but my doctor doesn’t think it’s an active infection).

Yeah, boyyyy! What a treat to look at my CT scan and not see cavities, mucus plugs, lung scarring, and all that jazz. A few weeks ago, one of my doctors said my lungs are “perfect.” No person with cystic fibrosis ever thinks they’re gonna hear those words. But looking at that CT scan, I gotta agree.

  1. These lungs are also great wingmen!

Kristina came to visit for a week and we had one of the best weeks of our relationship. We met when I was already low in lung function (5.5 years ago), so we were never really adventurous. Okay, okay, our Netflix obsession also got in the way of us being active. But after getting new lungs and watching all that Netflix has to offer, we set out for day-long adventures around the South Bay and Monterey Peninsula. My leg muscles still aren’t where I want them to be, but it was bliss to be able to drive as far as we wanted without having to worry about lugging oxygen tanks, keeping track of how many liters of air I have left, or being paranoid about cell phone signals in case we get the surgery call. Also, Kristina can’t yank on my oxygen line like it’s a leash anymore…

It was nice to be the one pulling a leash for a change! Dog owner and photographer: Kathleen Sheffer!

If we could have that much fun just 2.5 months after surgery, how much fun will we have this summer?

  1. Some uncertainties, but the future will be great anyway.

So, I’m halfway to the big six months post-transplant! That month means a lot to the transplant community in general – lots of restrictions get lifted (can take probiotics, do more active sports, travel, etc.). For me, it means even more: if things continue to go smoothly, the docs think we can schedule my cochlear implant surgery for July. Fingers crossed! I would still have to wait a month to allow the surgery site to heal before activating them though, so August is when I would actually hear.

I’m also hoping to do some travel, if things work out. One of my favorite people, Chris Haylett, is getting married in July, so heading up to Seattle for that would be really cool. And maybe it would make up for the multiple marriages I’m missing in Hawaii since I can’t travel by plane yet (I’m getting old, all my friends are getting married!). There’s also a Baptist Collegiate Ministry conference in New Mexico this August that a bunch of my college buddies will be at. Hoping I can make it to one of these big events!

Until all that, I’m going to be doing pulmonary rehab (post about that coming soon), reading, sipping overpriced hipster coffee, cooking, and planning for the big future. Oh yeah, and being more frequent in my blog posting.

Looking out upon the hills of California’s coast on a recent drive, I decided the future looks pretty golden.

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