A Hui Hou

After three months of planning, my family will finally be boarding the flight to San Francisco at midnight. I’m excited to have a change of scenery and to spend the first week there with Kristina. But I know the moment the wheels leave that runway, my heart is going to drop.

Four years ago, I couldn’t wait to leave Hawaii! I was on my way to Seattle for my freshman year of college and away from “island fever.” But I returned the next year, and began to call the island “home.” I’m gonna miss the sunny drives along the coast of North Shore, the slightly-scary nightlife of Chinatown, the slowness of Mililani suburbs, and even the tourist traps in Waikiki. I’m gonna miss Pidgin and the abundance of Spam musubi. I might even feel nostalgic about those long, dreadful rides on The Bus. Maybe not.

Everything I’ve been doing the past week has me thinking, “Man, this might be the last time I ______.” Just last night, Kristina and I felt pretty down as we left her house for what might be the last time. But Kristina, as usual, shared wisdom that made me feel loads better. She said we shouldn’t be focusing on the “lasts” but on the “firsts.” San Francisco will be filled with a bajlillion firsts, and could be home to exciting new loves. Dude, I’m stoked! Let’s be real, my “go-to-the-same-coffee-shops-everyday” schedule is getting old. It’s time to explore a new city and new life. I’m pretty nervous about meeting new friends thanks to my deafness, but it can be done!

I’m going to miss every one loads.

Tripler CF Team


You are literally lifesavers. Thank you for always going above and beyond your job descriptions. You are more than my medical staff, you’re my friends. From giving me gifts to visiting me on your days off to crying alongside me, you’ve all been brilliant people.



Teachers, professors, and advisers have poured so much care into my life. It’s because of you that I learned to write decently, research aggressively, and work professionally. I’ve been so lucky to have mentors like you.

Ka Leo Dudes


We bled sweat and tears together. Thank you for being patient with me as I learned what it takes to be a leader, and for leading me when I needed it. Ka Leo is where I “grew up.”



I’ve never met a more loving group of peers. I made more friends my first night at Vine than I did any other day of my life. You are all so welcoming and genuinely caring. Please take care of Kristina while I’m not around!

The Gathering


My second family. You’ve all sacrificed so much for me, and were always the first to visit me when I was hospitalized. I am still often shocked by how giving you all are. I will miss our potlucks and Bible studies. But I know I will see many of you again.

My Best Friend


Dude, Josh, I’m gonna cry. I love you. I still remember the night I met you, I randomly told my sister I knew you would one day be my best friend. You’re more. You’re my brother.

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