Why, though?

After two months of constantly telling people I was going to do this, I can finally say: Hi, welcome to my blog.

First off, I’m Brad Dell, a 23-year-old freelance writer and editor, history enthusiast, Marvel and Star Wars fanboy, ENFJ, and Christian. I also happen to have cystic fibrosis, anxiety/panic disorder, deafness* (as of May ‘16), and mild diabetes. But more on that later.

Now that you have a very, very brief snapshot of who I am, I guess it would make sense to start off with saying why this blog is being created.

I have three purposes in writing this:

  1. To write.

This is the most basic reason. Unfortunately, I’m not able to write articles as often now since conducting interviews is a bit difficult when I can’t hear what the person is saying.* So, to prevent a rusty writing hand (or typing hands?), I’m going to try to consistently write in this blog. Plus, nobody talks about one of the worst parts of deafness: you get really bored. Hopefully this can take up some of my time.

  1. To get things off my chest.

Another thing that deafness has made difficult: seeing a therapist. I don’t believe people should be ashamed to say they need help, so, yeah, I need help. I took an “autobiographical writing about chronic illness” class this past semester and, wow, there’s something incredibly therapeutic found in writing about my struggles.

  1. To inspire.

But don’t worry! It’s not all about the struggles. This blog is also about how I will never, ever let these battles topple me. While I’m nowhere near perfect at handling things, my hope is that someone out there—whether they share my problems or are just having a difficult time finding positive perspective in life—can find inspiration in the people, the journeys, the situations, the philosophies I write about.

So what exactly will I be writing about?

  • Lessons learned in my relationship with God. Don’t exit out of the webpage so fast—even if you aren’t “religious,” you can still find value in many Christian ideals. I promise.
  • Stories about people I’ve met, about my day, or about my childhood. No fiction, just genuine stories that have formed my perspectives on how to live the good life.
  • Updates on my health. With the possibility of a lung transplant looming, things could get scary/crazy. But the outcome could be marvelous.
  • Random ramblings. Sometimes, I just have to say something about something.

Tune in whenever you want, and feel free to comment thoughts or critiques!

The end goal for this blog is for me to have a lung transplant and cochlear implants, and be enjoying living a fresh life so much that I don’t have time to write anymore.

Next post: The meaning behind the blog name, Adamantium Joy.